Why Credit Repair Hasn’t Helped You In the Past.

If you haven’t worked with a credit repair company in the past, you probably know someone that has. We’re also willing to assume that the overall experience was more than likely distasteful at best. Truth be told, this is what lead to the creation of Tru Path Credit. After 40 years of combined real estate experience, the Tru Path co-founders said, “enough is enough!”. The credit industry is fraught with corruption and confusion because everyone benefits from the general public not understanding how their credit score works or is calculated.

As unfortunate as it is, the story of credit repair typically follows some type of slight variation from this: “I paid that $#$%* company $139 every month for 12 months and my score is the same as it was when I started!”. Regardless of the dollar amount or length of time they spent, the results rarely shine through in a big way.

NEWS FLASH: Traditional credit repair companies and their pricing models are structured to take advantage of consumers. The consumer doesn’t understand how their credit score works and a “paralegal” tells them for a low monthly fee, they can work on getting negative items removed from the consumer’s credit report. The elements of the scenario are convincing and sound official and the consumer really doesn’t know where else to turn, so they pull the trigger and enroll in the program.

The Problem is: traditional credit repair companies are able to drag out the dispute process for a long period of time, disputing 3-5 negative items per month. They’ll dispute the accounts that are oldest first because they know they’ll be the most likely accounts to be deleted. These deletions make it appear that they are doing a great job, however the accounts being deleted in the beginning are the accounts that bring the least value to the client in terms of point value. Because the consumer doesn’t understand how the dispute process works or how their score is calculated, credit repair agencies are able to string them along, month after month collecting their fees and providing little value to the consumer, unbeknown to them.

“I paid that $#$%* company $139 every month for 12 months and my score is the same as it was when I started!”

The Solution is: a credit repair agency that puts consumer education at the top of the list of priorities. At Tru Path Credit, not only do we handle the dispute process in a quick and organized way, we also provide you with an action plan. The client action plan consists of the following items that can immediately have an impact on scores when followed:

  • Specific credit Do’s and Don’ts.
  • Cedit best practices and ideas on how to implement said practices.
  • Collection negotiation guides.
  • How to manage their revolving accounts and how to maximize their point value from each trade line.
  • Highlighting missed opportunities and areas of their credit file where they may be forfeiting points.

Once there is nothing more that we can do on the dispute front, we outline all of the remaining accounts with balances and coach you on how to negotiate and settle. We also provide you with the order in which they should be addressed or not addressed at all for that matter (Caution: credit score calculation may not be as intuitive as it seems). Bottom line, if we’ve done our job, we should never have a repeat client. The Tru Path philosophy is centered around education and producing the greatest results in the shortest amount of time in order to receive referrals and recommendations from our happy clients.

Put your mind at ease knowing that you’re working with a company that truly has your best interests in mind. We want to set you up for success, sooner rather than later so that you can share a surprising credit repair story with your friends, family and co-workers that might be looking for help too.