Credit Repair vs. Credit Optimization

Let’s face it, credit repair is one of those topics that typically send people running the other direction. Being a subject that is as taboo as it is, there is no wonder why most people avoid it like the plague. The truth is, whether you have poor credit or great credit, it is still a confusing calculation that most people don’t fully understand. That being said, it’s understandable why a three-digit number that dictates critical components of your life, that you don’t fully understand, wouldn’t be a conversation you’re actively looking to participate in with your peers, let alone a stranger!

Alright! Now that we have confronted the most awkward part of the conversation, let’s dive into the purpose of this blog post; whether your credit needs to be restored or it could simply use a boost, there is nearly always room for improvement. This is where we differentiate between credit repair and credit optimization.

There are literally countless scenarios that occur on a daily basis, to thousands of people in this country that ultimately lead to them needing their credit repaired or restored. Just to give you an idea of how many different scenarios there are, consider each and every person’s credit report as if it were a fingerprint; there are absolutely, no two that are the same. That being said, if you find yourself in this category, try not to be so hard on yourself and instead, harness your energy towards committing to a new path of financial habits.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are many people that have credit scores that are good or even great, but that could still use a little optimization in order to enjoy more savings when it comes to interest payments. It is pretty typical for us to pay our bills in full without necessarily considering how much of that payment goes towards principal and how much is going towards interest. If we took a longer look at our interest payments and what we could potentially be saving, most of us would agree that optimizing our credit should be near the top of our list of priorities.

The point that we’re trying to make here is that whether you need credit repair or optimization, less than 19% of the population has little to no room for improvement. We understand that life has it’s setbacks, but having a credit score that needs help is not the end of the world. Whether you have a 480 or a 720 score, we can help you achieve something greater that will give you all the perks and benefits that come with a higher credit score including: lower interest rates, faster and easier loan approvals, superior credit card offers, lower insurance premiums, more confidence going into job interviews, not to mention, ultimate bragging rights once you cross that 800 threshold.

Regardless of where you score stands, don’t let shame and ego get in the way of you making an improvement in your life and financial well-being. You’d be surprised how many people lose out on opportunities and savings, simply because they don’t want to be labeled as someone who needs “credit repair”. Fortunately, Tru Path Credit gives you the tools you need to continually improve your score, no matter what end of the spectrum you find yourself. Click the button below to contact us and get started with your credit action plan.