• What is TruPath Float™?

    The easiest way for you to help your credit challenged buyers purchase their dream home.

Lead Generation and Increased Closing Volume

Learn how to improve your marketability to new segments of the market and take
your business to the next level.

TruPath Float™ explained by President of TruPath™

This is how TruPath Float™ can truly change your business and help you generate millions more in closing volume each year!



    Access to the Nation’s best credit experts who specialize in mortgage qualification. We have helped over 1,000 Americans become qualified to purchase a home.

  • Pay for Performance

    Performance-based credit repair. We do not collect standard work fees until the buyer is credit-ready and you have secured a closing.

  • Fill your sales pipeline

    Utilize TruPath Float™ to fill your sales pipeline and to hedge against rising interest rates. It doesn’t matter how low your clients’ scores are or how far out their timeline is; as long as they are truly committed to purchasing a home, we’re willing to help for as long as it takes.

  • Free leads

    Exclusive directory listing on TruPathCredit.com (only for participating referring parties). Help unrepresented buyers that are looking in your state. We hear from more and more unrepresented buyers as the knowledge of this program spreads. We love sending these people to Realtors and Loan Officers that we know and trust.

  • Great Partners

    Have confidence that you’re sending your clients to trusted partners and that they will be in good hands from start to finish.

  • Stay in the loop

    Consistent updates on all of your active credit repair clients. (We keep you in the loop every step of the way).

  • We understand underwriting

    If you don’t get paid, neither do we. This is why our credit action plans not only guarantee qualifying scores, but also ensure that your clients won’t get caught up in the underwriting process due to items on the credit report.

  • Free, professional marketing assets

    You’ll have access to a substantial marketing library. This includes free, unlimited use of our pre-designed social media posts, fliers, door hangers, presentations, videos and more, to help you sell this service as part of your own program.

  • Personal Lead Portal and Client Dashboard

    You will have your own personal login portal that will allow you to submit and track all of your credit repair leads.


Our system is proven and has secured 30+ closings over the past 18 months for our top referring partner.

Jenn Draper

“TruPath is genuinely there to help. They actually know how to boost the client’s credit. As long as the client follows their action plan, their credit scores rise.” Click for the video.

Jenn DraperLoan Originator
Broch Lassig

“TruPath has been a breath of fresh air for my team and I. We are seeing more positive results in less time and their communication and customer care is unmatched.”

Broch LassigMortgage Professional
Ben Lemon

“I am a BIG believer in TruPath! They have literally changed my business. It’s really nice to have a partner in the business that I can trust. I’m a fan!” Click to see the video testimonial. 

Ben LemonLoan Officer, Area Manager
Kaylee Poulsen

“We have worked with many credit companies and have never seen such amazing results before. TruPath keeps us involved throughout the entire process.”

Kaylee PoulsenOrigination Assistant
Justin Peterson

“TruPath provides more value than simply saving clients money or securing a lower interest rate. The TruPath process allows for a superior customer experience leading to long term value for real estate service providers that refer clients to TruPath.

Justin PetersonCustomer Experience Consultant
Ryan McEwan

“All of the clients we have sent to TruPath have been very pleased with their service. It’s great to have another tool for our clients to get them into a home.”

Ryan McEwanJr. Loan Officer
Nick Smith

“I cannot say enough about the great process TruPath provides that has helped my business be successful.”

Nick SmithMortgage Professional
Josh Kim

“They are always trying to help our client maximize their credit to be able to get them into their dream home! They are always responsive, and communicative with us and our clients.”

Josh KimAssistant Loan Officer

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In exchange for TruPath’s™ credit repair services, and so long as any referred Client closes on a property through you as the Real Estate Professional, you, the Real Estate Professional shall pay to TruPath™, no later than 7 days after the Closing of the property transaction, $600 for each successful transaction whether it be an individual or a couple.

Any payment made by the Real Estate Professional to TruPath™ under this Agreement will be credited against the separate Credit Repair Agreement between Client and TruPath™. If the client does not close the transaction through you, the Real Estate Professional, for any reason, you have no requirement to pay TruPath™. This agreement does not supersede or replace the separate agreement that TruPath has in place with the credit challenged borrower.


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