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Explore the many ways to share TruPath Float™ with your potential prospects.

Text Campaigns

Setup your own text KEYWORD so that all of your referrals are attached to you!

  • Step 1:

    Text “MyKeyword” to 435-222-1800

  • Step 2

    Follow the instructions text back to you to choose your unique KEYWORD

  • Step 3

    Tell your clients to text your “KEYWORD” to 435-222-1800 to setup a free consult and your leads will be attached to you!

Join Our Exclusive Facebook Group

REMPRO™ is powered by TruPath Float™ and is an exclusive Facebook Group that will consistently provide updated marketing content, free credit repair opportunities, giveaways and group members that share their success stories.

Free Leads through the TruPath Float™ Directory


One of the best ways to reach more buyers is to be the specialist in the area of helping buyers qualify. This exciting program brings huge advantages and value to home buyers. This free directory will bring free leads your way as TruPath Credit continues to gain momentum and market recognition as a performance and results driven company.


Q: How is TruPath different than the credit restoration companies I’ve referred clients to in the past?

A: TruPath is a pay-for performance model. The majority of what we make is not made until we deliver a credit-ready client back to you. If we don’t do what we say we’re going to do, we don’t get paid. We also don’t charge your clients monthly fees, which provides us with an incentive to get them ready as quickly as possible, rather than dragging them along for as long as possible. 

Q: What happens if a client does not return and purchase with me?

A: If a client does not complete the program or does not close with you once they are credit-ready, then they become responsible for the outstanding fees. 

Q: What if it takes longer than 6 months to help my client reach the scores that they need in order to qualify?

A: We are willing to work with your clients and coach them through their credit action plans for as long as it takes, as long as they are participating in the program. We will only begin the 6 month dispute process when the client tells us that they are comfortable moving forward and completing their action plan within 6 months of us starting the dispute process.

Q: When the lender pulls credit, are there going to be dispute statuses on the credit report that will cause problems in underwriting?

A: No. This is the last step of our process before sending a qualified client back to you. Please do not advise your client to pull credit until you have received a confirmation from TruPath Credit. 

Q: How will I know the status of my clients while they are enrolled with TruPath Credit?

A: All of our Referring Parties have their own referral portals that allow them to track the status of their leads. They will also receive automated email updates every time that we interact with the client and their action plan. We keep you updated every step of the way!

Q: How long does it take for TruPath to reach out to a lead after I have submitted them through my online portal?

A: Your client is contacted within seconds of you submitting them through your online portal. Please be sure to put the phone number in the mobile field and to enter a valid email address.