How TruPath Credit Works

See How Our Process Will Work For You

In today’s world, credit is everything when it comes to your lifestyle and being able to afford the luxuries that life has to offer. If your credit score is suffering, you have probably looked into other credit repair agencies or maybe even worked with another agency. Over 50% of our clients have worked with other credit repair agencies before coming to Tru Path Credit and understandably, have little faith in the process, but simply have nowhere else to turn. While we empathize with our clients and hate to see them suffer, this situation is what gives us the opportunity to restore hope in seemingly desperate times and get you on a better path.

Tru Path Credit was founded by three partners with a combined 40+ years of credit repair and real estate experience. It became overwhelmingly clear that no one is protecting the consumer. Whether it is the creditor, the credit bureaus, or credit repair agencies; everyone is capitalizing on the consumers and their lack of credit knowledge. Long story short, we disagree with this practice and developed a platform that is built off of quality referrals due to quality results. We provide a lasting education to help consumers not only understand how credit works, but also how they can continue establishing and building credit long after they are a client with Tru Path Credit.

Our process is simple and keeps you in the loop every step of the way. To get started there is a $99 first work fee that covers your initial consultation which includes going over your credit report and creating a unique action plan as we move forward into the dispute process which costs $99/mo. While we are taking care of all of your disputes and keeping you updated, there will most likely be action items for you to perform in the meantime in order to truly see significant increases in your score. In addition to the education we provide, your unique action plan is truly where the value resides in our program. Other credit repair agencies simply dispute items on your report for you, while we take it a step further and find opportunities to significantly increase your score.

While you are enrolled as a Tru Path Credit Client, we provide constant communication by phone, text, and email. You are also given access to an online portal where you are able to login and monitor your progress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We help to keep you on track by sending your text reminders and an incredible credit education through email that is catered to your unique situation.

At Tru Path Credit, our goal is to make the process as friendly and smooth as possible for every client. If you need help with getting a healthier credit score, give us a call at 385-419-0878. Whether you’re trying to buy a home, get financing or simply get better interest rates, we can help get you onto your Tru Path!