Float Introduction Script

SCRIPT (Phone or In-Person)

“It looks like your credit score is not quite where we would need it to be in order to get you qualified, however we work with a great credit repair team,
Tru Path Credit, that offers incredible value and benefits that most credit repair companies do not.

In fact, if you work with Tru Path Credit to improve your scores and return to me to close, your only out of pocket expense is $99/individual or $198/couple. There is an additional $600 fee that is due at closing that you are responsible
for, but if you close with me, I will cover that fee for you.

Tru Path is willing to work with anyone, regardless of their current scores or timeframe and can make this program work for you if you are interested. If you’re serious about getting into a home as quickly as possible and can pay the $99/$198 fee, then I’d love to send you over to them to get you started.
The first phone call consists of a FREE consult, however it is a program designed to fix your scores quickly and it requires that you be dedicated to the
process in order to get started. Would you like me to setup a time for them to give you a call?”

SCRIPT (Messenger, Facebook, Social Media, etc.)

“Hi, [NAME]!
It sounds like you’re in the market for a new home! Do you have a timeframe of when you’re hoping to be into your new home?”

[Client Answer]

“That’s exciting! I would love to help you achieve that goal. It sounds like you have some items that are holding your credit score back. Do you have an idea of where your scores are currently at?”

[Client Answer]

“Ok! That is good for me to know. I’m going to make a note of that. I’d also like to send you some information to learn more about the credit restoration
program that I offer to all of my buyers.

I work very closely with a credit restoration company, TruPath Credit, that specializes in helping people get qualified for mortgage loans. Their program
costs $699/person or $1398/couple, however, as long as you purchase a home with me I cover the majority of the cost for each of my clients that utilize their services. That being said, your only out of pocket cost for their 6 month program is a one-time fee of $99/person (no monthly fees) and I cover the
rest of the cost once you close on a home with me.

This is an incredible deal that you won’t find anywhere else in the world of credit repair. You can learn more about the service by clicking this link: https://trupathcredit.com/float1.

If you’re serious about purchasing a home, this is hands down the most affordable and effective program to get you qualified. Would you like me to
get you setup with a free phone consultation with them?”